English Menu

Our food is made from locally fresh produce. We minimize the use of refined and processed white flour, refined sugar and fats to get the most nutritional value without sacrificing flavor.

V = Vegan (our vegan dishes are prepared and stored separately to avoid contact with any animal product)
GF  =  Gluten Free
R = Raw
10% Service charge added to the total bill

Breakfasts (Served from 11:00 until 13:30)

Egg Omelettes (8.5 GEL) (served with bread at request)

  • Mama Terra Egg Omelette: Made with a combination of fresh vegetables including bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, zuchinni and green herbs (GF)
  • Indian Omelet: Spiced masala earthy omelette in a mixture of vegetables including onion, tomato and coriander combined with chilli and turmeric. (GF)
  • Huevos Rancheros (Ranch Eggs): Earthy classic Mexican breakfast consisting of 2 fried eggs over a corn tortilla dressed with a vibrant tomato-chili sauce. (GF)


  • Stuffed Vegan Omelet (9.0 GEL): Light and fluffy combination of bean flour and flax and chia seeds flour, stuffed to bursting with delicious sautéed vegetables. (V, GF)
  • Traditional Pancakes (6.5 GEL): Simple vegan pancake made with oats, wheat flour and nuts milk topped with homemade jam made with seasonal fruit. (V)
  • Mama Terra Pancake (8GEL): A healthy mix of bean flour, grounded flax, chia and sunflower seeds and banana accompanied by home-made jam from seasonal fruits (V, GF)
  • Chia Pudding Platter (7.5 GEL): A bowl with cold creamy and nutritious made with chia seeds, hazelnut milk, sweetened with dates topped with your own choice either of fresh fruits of the season or nuts and seeds (V, GF, R)

Daily Menu

Snacks, Salads and Sauces

  • Green Salad (7 GEL) Lettuce with finely sliced carrots and cucumbers, topped with walnuts, sunflower seeds and yellow raisings, accompanied by a mustard and olive oil dressing. (V, GF, R).
  • Mama Terra Crackers (4 GEL). A bowl with our homemade crackers made with nuts flour, sesame, sunflowers, flaxs and chia seeds ( V, GF)
  • Pico de Gallo Sauce (V, GF, R) (2.5 GEL). Chili-tomato sauce garnished with coriander and onions
  • Salsa Macha (V, GF) (2.5 GEL). Mexican salsa made with crushed chilies, vegetable oil and peanuts.


  • Hummuliscious (8 GEL). A big bowl of creamy chickpeas dip made with Tahini (sesame) sauce accompanied by an assortment of vegetables (carrots, radishes and cucumber sticks) and Mama Terra crackers (V, GF)
  • Rainbow Spring Rolls (6 pieces, 7.5 GEL) Made with rice wrappers filled with raw vegetables and nuts accompanied with ginger peanut sauce and soy sauce* ( V, GF, R)
  • Mexican Tamales (4 pieces, 8.5 GEL). Traditional Mexican dish made of steamed corn dough, steamed and filled according to your choice and served with a spicy “pico de gallo” sauce and salsa macha.

         Vegan: fried beans and greens (V, GF)
         Vegetarian: peppers and cheese (GF)

  • Patatas Machas (5.5 GEL). “Brave Potatoes” home fries accompanied by a creamy and spicy tomato sauce. (V, GF)
  • French Fries (5.5 GEL) Double fried French style potatoes accompanied by a portion of ketchup sauce. (V, GF)

Baguettes (6.5 GEL)

  • Georgian baguette. Filled with spinach and walnuts (pkhali), tomato and cucumbers, accompanied by tkemali (sour plum) sauce (V)
  • Molletes. A traditional Mexican open sandwich with refried beans and melted cheese served with salsa.
  • Falafel baguette. Filled with three big falafel balls and hummus, accompanied by tomatoes, parsley and cucumber salad (V).

Ethnic Platters

Colorful, vibrant and succulent bowls from different international cuisines packed with an optimum combination of vegetables, grains, and proteins.

  • Georgian Platter (10.5 GEL). A traditional platter of Georgian vegan specialties including pkhali dips (spinach and beetroot), eggplant and peppers rolls and homemade corn bread (mchadi) garnished with cucumber slices (V, GF)
  • Mexican Burrito Platter (11 GEL). A vibrant mixture of red rice, black beans, spicy corn, decorated with radishes, and accompanied by pico de gallo sauce. (V, GF).  Add grated fresh cheese for 1 GEL
  • Korean Bibibamp (10.5 GEL) Our version of traditional Bibibamp, a bowl of warm white rice topped with sautéed and seasoned vegetables, gochujang (chili pepper paste), soy sauce and a fried egg.
  • Indian Traveler (9.5 GEL). A delightful and spicy combination of red lentils in a masala sauce accompanied with a lime and peanut rice garnished with coriander (V, GF).
  • Falafel platter (9.8 GEL). 6 big falafel balls served with homemade hummus and accompanied by a fresh parsley, cucumber and tomato salad (V, GF)


Drinks Menu

Our juices, smoothies and milkshakes contain natural products and no added sugar. As a commitment to reduce plastic waste we refrain the use of plastic straws, please ask the waiter if you need one.

Smoothies 6.9 GEL (V, GF)

  • Monkey smoothie. A creamy combination of peanuts, banana and chocolate.
  • Healing detox. A fabulous combination of nuts milk, flaxseeds, turmeric, and ginger sweetened with dates.
  • Apple pie smoothie. Apples, banana, nuts milk, cinnamon, nutmeg.
  • Creamy coconut date shake. Coconut milk with loads of dates.
  • Fruits of the season and banana smoothie.

Slow pressed Juices.

Kombucha 500ml – 5 GEL / 250ml – 3 GEL

A lightly effervescent drink produced by fermenting sweetened black tea with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. This health tonic rich in probiotics, vitamins, and minerals helps to boost the immune system with other several health benefits.


  • Ice Tea (glass 4.0 GEL). Black tea with iced fresh milk or nuts milk for the vegan taste
  • Ice Masala Tea (glass 4.5 GEL). Combination of Indian spices and turmeric with iced fresh milk or nuts milk for the vegan taste.
  • Turkish Tea (cup 3 GEL)
  • Green / Black / White Tea (350 ml, 3.5 GEL). Served cold or hot
  • Rose Petals (350 ml, 3.5 GEL). Combined with green tea at request
  • Ginger and Lemon (350 ml, 3.5 GEL)
  • Detox (3.5 GEL). Ginger, Lemmon, Turmeric and a pinch of black pepper


  • Americano (4 GEL)
  • Expresso (4 GEL)
  • Turkish (3 GEL)
  • Cappuccino (4.5 GEL). Fresh milk or nuts milk for the vegan taste
  • Ice coffee (4.5 GEL). Fresh milk or nuts milk for the vegan taste



  • Natural Wines
  1. Saperavi (Kvevri)  (Semi dry)  (150 ml, 5 GEL)
  2. Kindzmarauli (Semi Sweet Red)  (150 ml, 5 GEL)
  3. Rkatsiteli (Semi Dry White – Kvevri)  (150 ml, 5 GEL)
  • Bottled Beer (Argo 4 GEL, Stella 5 GEL)
  • Chacha (50ml, 3.5 GEL) /  Calvados (50ml, 3.5 GEL)


Desserts (GF, R)

  • Energy balls (Almonds and appricot – 1.5 GEL. Peanut, cacao and milk – 1 GEL)
  •  Fruits and banana Nice Cream (6 GEL). Combination of fruits of the season, banana and coconut milk.
  • Chia and Fruit pudding (Glass 4.5 GEL): cold creamy and nutritious made with chia seeds, hazelnut milk, sweetened with dates topped with your own choice either of fresh fruits of the season or nuts and seeds